Kinrara Distillery switches production to Hand Sanitiser

Kinrara Distillery switches production to Hand Sanitiser

Kinrara Distillery has recently switched production from Gin to Hand Sanitiser in light of the COVID – 19 situation.

The distillery has so far produced thousands of litres of sanitiser for businesses across Scotland and we have no plans to stop doing so soon.

A huge shipment of sanitiser was recently used by contractors in the NHS Louisa Jordan Field Hospital that was built in Glasgow’s SEC, providing an extra 300 beds to allow the NHS to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak. Sanitiser shipments have also gone to other key workers such as Scotland’s police and the NHS.

For any sanitiser inquiries please email

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    "I tried this last night at a preview event and it was sensational, a brilliant addition to the Scottish gin scene"
  • Not just another gin.
    "Tried the Highland Dry with Mediterranean Fever-tree tonic and a slice of orange peel,  AMAZING!"

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