New Hibiscus Bottle Design

New Hibiscus Bottle Design

Many of you may have noticed that we have recently changed our Hibiscus Gin from a 50cl clear bottle to a 70cl fully enamelled bottle. This was done as a result of both consumer feedback and an increased demand for our Hibiscus Gin as one of our core range.

We enlisted the help of renowned Scottish artist Nichol Wheatley to help us design the bottle. Nichol typically specialises in paintings, however he also enjoys designing murals and mosaics, alongside being a concept artist on large scale film productions such as T2 and Outlaw King. Anyone that has been inside the Corinthian Club in Glasgow, Nichol was the one who painstakingly created the mosaic mural floors inside the main entrance. He also was behind the mural within the Hillhead Subway Station.

We love our new bottle design and hopefully you all do to!

  • Loved this new Scottish Gin!!¬†
    "We were lucky enough to be invited to a tasting session of Kinrara Distillery tester recipes, the Highland Dry Gin was amazing. Classic dry gin with lovely floral notes and an orange finish, delicious!"
  • Kinrara Highland Dry Rocks!
    "I tried this last night at a preview event and it was sensational, a brilliant addition to the Scottish gin scene"
  • Not just another gin.
    "Tried the Highland Dry with Mediterranean Fever-tree tonic and a slice of orange peel,  AMAZING!"

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