The Kinrara Distillery Team

Meet The Team Behind Our Hand-crafted Highland Spirits

Some interesting and not so interesting facts about the Kinrara Distillery team.

Stuart McMillan

Director and Co-Founder

Favourite drink: A Negroni made with the best gin possible, hopefully a Kinrara Highland Dry very soon.

Hobby: Cooking, its my relaxation time, just me, good ingredients and my imagination.

Person you’d most like to meet or have met: I think Robin Williams would have been an amazing dinner guest and a great laugh.

How many Munros have you done: 14 or so, not a Munro bagger but did a few whilst training to do Kilimanjaro a few years ago.

Favourite Movie: Black Hawk Down

Greatest achievement: Opening Kinrara Distillery with the support for my partners, my family and close friends.

Most memorable drink: To date it was the first taste of Strathearn Single Cask Single Malt Whisky, on the day it matured. 3 years and 1 day of maturation in a 50L oak cask made for a very special experience and magnificent dram. I hope to be able to make an equally good spirit at Kinrara in the coming years.

Tea or Coffee: Neither! I lived abroad from a very young age, in the middle and far east, never getting into the tea and coffee fad. I wish I did as I love the smell of a fresh coffee!

Brown sauce or Red Sauce: Brown all day long.

Gin, Whisky or Rum: Gin followed by Whisky, Rum has some catching up to do me thinks.

Snow or Sun: A sunny day with deep snow sounds ideal!

Marmite Yes / No: Absolutely NO! It’s the devils spread!!

Luke Fenton

Head of Sales

Favourite drink: Favourite Spirit, has got to be a Scapa 16 year old Single Malt… But I am partial to a Dry Martini, dirty… with a blue cheese stuffed olive…

Hobby: Rugby and more Rugby. I play Rugby Union, Referee Rugby League, love and watch both!

Person you’d most like to meet or have met: I would love to meet Patrick Stewart, and I would insist that it was over a drink, maybe even joined by Brian Blessed…

How many Munros have you done: None, as far as I am aware

Favourite Movie: Star Wars: Rogue One

Greatest achievement: Graduating from the University of Stirling… that’s what I’m supposed to say right? Not self-declared “Mario-Kart World Champion”

Most memorable drink: I was in New Mexico with the Sales Manager from the distribution company we were working with at the time. It was Friday, end of the day and he decided it was time for a drink. The Sun was beginning to set and we pulled up to this quite quaint bar, in a stereotypical New Mexican desert type building. We head through the front Door to a wall of Whisky and Whiskey. He says to me “Luke, I’ve got to go chat to the manager, get yourself a drink from the Bar and a Cigar from the ‘walk-in’ Humidor and I’ll meet you on the roof.” Yes, a walk-in humidor. I chose an American Rye Whisky (called Ri) and obviously a Churchill sized cigar and headed for the roof. We sat in Leather chairs, Whisky and Cigar in hand, as the Sun slowly set over the desert… It was a very surreal feeling…

Tea or Coffee: Tea, end of conversation… we’re not Americans

Brown sauce or Red Sauce: I used to be a Red Sauce Guy… But I think I’ve changed sides…

Gin, Whisky or Rum: Do I have to choose? If pushed, I’d say Whisky

Snow or Sun: Snow

Marmite Yes / No: Absolutely not, it’s just the bits of beer and bread that didn’t make it into anything delicious

David Wilson


Favourite drink: Scotland’s national drink, whisky. Smokey and peaty, rich and sherried, light and delicate I love them all.

Hobby: Books, Films, Home Brewing. I also started running last year and would love to make improvements on my half marathon time.

Person you’d most like to meet or have met: I think I’m not alone in saying David Attenborough, a man that’s led such an incredible life. I remember writing a project about him when I was in primary school.

How many Munros have you done: Having only moved to the highlands fairly recently I have yet to tackle my first Munro, but am looking forward to the staff hike up Cairn Gorm in the Spring!

Favourite Movie: Blade Runner

Most memorable drink: My first dram of Islay malt when I was 19 years old, Lagavulin 16 still a favourite.

Tea or Coffee: Can’t beat a double espresso after a meal.

Brown sauce or Red Sauce: Has to be brown sauce on a fry-up.

Gin, Whisky or Rum: Whisky!

Snow or Sun: I would have said snow… until I had to drive to work through it.

Marmite Yes / No: Strangely, I’m not a big fan of marmite but do enjoy the occasional Twiglet.

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  • Loved this new Scottish Gin!! 
    "We were lucky enough to be invited to a tasting session of Kinrara Distillery tester recipes, the Highland Dry Gin was amazing. Classic dry gin with lovely floral notes and an orange finish, delicious!"
  • Kinrara Highland Dry Rocks!
    "I tried this last night at a preview event and it was sensational, a brilliant addition to the Scottish gin scene"
  • Not just another gin.
    "Tried the Highland Dry with Mediterranean Fever-tree tonic and a slice of orange peel, as suggested by Stuart, AMAZING!"

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