Kinrara Distillery Whiskys

Hand-Crafted Highland Whiskys

It can be quite wet in the Highlands, but don’t fret. Today’s rain is just tomorrow’s whisky!

It will be a few years before we have our own signature single malt, distilled and matured at Kinrara, but rest assured we have a few surprises up our sleeves.

In the next couple of years we aim to launch our cask ownership offer. This will offer whisky enthusiasts the chance to purchase their own cask of Kinrara’s first single malt whisky to lay down in our bonded warehouse until maturity. 50 litre, 100 litre and 200 litre casks will be available, each with varying suggested maturation times. Depending on your choice of cask, its size and the finish you desire, this may vary from three to up to fifteen years.

Keep an eye on this page as our whisky will evolve over the coming years. It will definitely be something to treasure.

Patience is a virtue.


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