Fruits For Drinks – Lime

The lime slices from Fruits For Drinks will add a refreshing citrus burst of zesty lime to your drink.

Freeze dried, the limes have nothing added to them but have retained their flavour and the texture allows for faster flavour transfer to the drink.

For best results, add the slices of lime to the glass first then add in your ice, gin and quality mixer. By the time you’re ready to drink the lime will have released its amazing flavour to the drink.

Perfect with our Lime & Lemongrass gin.

The pack contains approx 20 servings.

Simply store in the cupboard for up to 9 months to help you to reduce fruit waste in the house.


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  • Loved this new Scottish Gin!!¬†
    "We were lucky enough to be invited to a tasting session of Kinrara Distillery tester recipes, the Highland Dry Gin was amazing. Classic dry gin with lovely floral notes and an orange finish, delicious!"
  • Kinrara Highland Dry Rocks!
    "I tried this last night at a preview event and it was sensational, a brilliant addition to the Scottish gin scene"
  • Not just another gin.
    "Tried the Highland Dry with Mediterranean Fever-tree tonic and a slice of orange peel,  AMAZING!"

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