5 Different Gin Types from Kinrara Distillery

5 Innovative Scottish Gin Flavours You Need to Try in 2023

Creating bold and unique gin flavours is what we do best here at Kinrara. From our location in the beautiful Cairngorms, our Scottish Gin Distillery has been producing award-winning craft gins since 2017.

Through daring experimentation we have managed to push the boundaries of gin production and challenge the norms of what gin is in the UK. We are constantly looking for new ways to innovate in both our own distillery process and the types of gin liquor we produce. Our team are all gin-obsessed in the best way possible, and creating unique gin flavours that stand out from the crowd is our constant pursuit.

Below you’ll find some of our most radical flavoured gin that you absolutely have to try in 2023. 

Let’s take a look at the list of our top Scottish flavoured gins in more detail.

  1. Oaked Spice Gin

Wait, oaked spice gin? Can’t only rums and whiskeys be spiced?

Well, not anymore!

The Kinrara Oaked Spice Gin is the perfect gin for cold days and nights. It has been lovingly created using a combination of Tonka beans, cinnamon, all spice, nutmeg and vanilla, as well as some chipped American Oak to add that oaky taste and aroma that comes through in a subtle yet pleasant way.

Gin lovers will notice a warm cinnamon taste to this gin, along with hints of fizzy cola bottles and mulled wine to compliment the toasted oak taste. The gin has a long and complex finish which is perfectly balanced between warm spice and citrus fruit.

We recommend trying this flavoured gin with ginger ale, served neat with ice or even in a hot chocolate! We did warn you that we liked to push boundaries….

Purchase your own bottle of Kinrara Oaked Spice Gin via our online shop.

  1. Hibiscus Gin

This sweet flavoured hibiscus gin offers a dry but fruity finish that is sure to capture both your imagination and your taste buds.

It boasts delicate floral notes and a fragrant citrus taste. Its sweet finish and fresh aroma makes it ideal for a hot summers day. We suggest sampling our Kinrara Hibiscus Gin with ice, lemonade and fresh Summer raspberries for a beautifully elegant gin experience.

In addition to the sweetness, this fruity gin has a strong taste of cranberries and blood orange along with subtle flavours of hibiscus tea and pomegranates. For those who like to really savour their gins you’ll also find hints of rosewater in amongst the pronounced fruit character that forms the basis of delightfully fresh summer gin.

Try our Hibiscus Gin for yourself by purchasing it online from our store or visiting the Kinrara Distillery in person.

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  1. Lime & Lemongrass Gin

Our zesty-citrus flavoured Lime & Lemongrass gin is a delicious flavoured gin that uses zingy lime and lemongrass to create a mouth-watering smooth summer beverage that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

You’ll find this gin to have a full-bodied taste that is packed with citrus fruit and underlain with mild cardamom spice and fizzy sherbet. The lime gin packs a refreshing finish with some subtle hints of cloudy ginger beer that the more shrewd gin tasters will pick up on.

If you’re looking for a crisp gin to enjoy in the summer months, when sat out in your garden or simply when relaxing at home, purchase our Lime & Lemongrass craft gin, serve it in a tall glass with ice, and give yourself a delightful alternative to the classic G&T.

You can purchase a 50cl bottle of the Kinrara Lime & Lemongrass gin today from our online shop.

  1. Rose & Cardamom

If you’re after a pink gin that packs something a little bit different, our rose and cardamom gin is for you. This elegant pink-coloured gin has scents of fresh rose petals combined with a fresh and bright taste that leaves your mouth crying out for more.

You’ll find this pink gin to have a medium-long finish with some interesting notes that can only be described as Turkish delight sweetness. You’ll also notice notes of citron pressé and sugar-coated fennel seeds.Within the overall taste you’ll experience notes of pine, soft orange and coriander.

Purchase your bottle of Kinrara Rose & Cardamom gin now.

Kinrara Distillery
  1. Forest Fruits

This delicious sweet gin is packed full of rich and fruity flavours, including Summer berries and bramble. You’ll also notice rich flavours of raspberry and redcurrant over a base of juniper, citrus and spice. Talk about a unique mix of flavours!

Our Forest Fruit gins has a multitude of sweet fragrant aromas including raspberry ripple, strawberry bonbons and lemon zest with subtle notes of pine needles and blueberry jam.This gin has a smooth finish of medium length, with the sweetness giving way to delicate woodiness and candied orange peel.

Buy your own bottle of Kinrara Forest Fruits as a gift or for yourself from our online shop.

Discover more flavoured gins with Kinrara

At our Cairngorms Gin Distillery, the Kinrara team is constantly working to bring better, bolder and more unique flavours to our range of award-winning craft gins. If you’d like to have your say in what we concoct next, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and leave us your feedback.

You can also visit our scenic distillery for yourself. We’re located in the North of Scotland, just outside the picturesque town of Aviemore, surrounded by natural beauty and incredible Scottish landscapes. We offer a fantastic Gin Tasting Experience where you can learn all about our heritage whilst sampling our unique gin flavours.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to our distillery soon and to all our amazing customers, happy tastings for 2023!

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