Kinrara Distillery is a Scottish craft gin producer set within the adventurous landscape of The Cairngorms, just outside the town of Aviemore.

The Distillery takes it’s name from the surrounding Kinrara Estate, an area considered to have outstanding scenic and nature conservation value, as well as a high level of historical interest.

Our team are inspired by the beauty of the landscape and stories around us. Formerly a milking shed, our distillery is designed with the rich history of the area in mind.

It’s this history which has inspired our talented team to create award-winning craft gins. Our small-batch production process blends traditional spirit-production methods with the innovation and artistry of modern tastes.

From thoughtful ingredient selection, to bold experimentation, to the bottling process; our team works hard to create beautiful gins that we are all proud of.


The name “Kinrara” first appears on record around 1338 as Kynroreach. Reference to the estate appears again in 1440, but this time as Kynroraykt. In 1603, we see the estate being referred to as Kynrara.  The word “kin” means either “head” or “end”.

There have been several ideas for what the root of “rara” might mean, but the most popular of them is that it either means “great or noble” or “dwelling place”. 

Kinrara Distillery

In 2017, Kinrara Distillery was born, and work began to restore the dilapidated buildings into a working distillery. Before this, the building had been used as both a milking parlour and somewhere to store wool.

Kinrara Highland Dry

This work was still ongoing in the early parts of 2018, when our first gin, Kinrara Highland Dry, was produced. Through dozens of experiments, tasting sessions with friends and family and research – we had created a gin that we were proud of, one that matched the splendour of the local area. 

Artist Edition Gins

We had caught a bug for experimenting with ingredients, and it wasn’t long before our range expanded with the addition of ‘Ginny’ the cow, the first of our Artist Edition Gins. Since then, the range has expanded to include ‘Struan’ the stag and ‘Freya’ the fox.

Artist Editions for Our Story


Craft gin is a busy market, and we worked hard from the outset to establish ourselves in the Scottish gin scene.  Over the past few years, our gins have become some of Scotland’s most commended, having been named ‘Best Scottish Contemporary’ at the 2021 & 2022 World Gin Awards, along with ‘London Dry Gin Of The Year’ at the 2021 Scottish Gin Awards.

Tasting Experiences

We also wanted  to make our distillery a comfortable and welcoming place to visit, so were delighted to open our distillery shop and tasting experiences in 2021.

Our Reviews

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