Artist Edition – Caper

The fourth  in our Kinrara Artists Edition featuring "Caper" the Capercaillie by Kat Baxter.

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Kinrara Highland Dry Gin

Smooth, subtle and complex Our award-winning Kinrara Highland Dry is a quintessential craft gin.

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Oaked Spice

This gin has tastes of warm cinnamon and allspice, giving it a mulled wine flavour.

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Artist Edition – Struan

The second in our Kinrara Artists Edition featuring "Struan" the Stag by Kat Baxter.

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Cairngorm Whiteout Gin

For every bottle of this beautiful gin that we sell, we donate to the CMRT.

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Hibiscus Gin

Sweet, fruity, delicate and floral. Our Kinrara Hibiscus Gin is the beautifully refreshing and elegant.

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Lime & Lemongrass

A refreshing and zesty citrus-flavoured gin with fragrances of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and lemongrass.

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An elegant pink-coloured gin with scents of fresh rose petals and a bright taste with notes of pine, soft orange and coriander.

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Forest Fruits Gin

Sweet, rich and fruity with flavours of Summer berries and bramble.

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Artist Edition – Freya

Freya the Fox is an adventurous gin with tastes of the forest mixed with vanilla hints.

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Artist Edition – Ginny

Ginny the Highland Cow is a gin with notes of bright citrus and fresh pine

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Artist Edition – Gin Gift Set For Gin Lovers

Our Artist Edition Miniature Gin Giftset features 3 of our handcrafted Highland Gins.

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Gin Gift Card

Gift cards are delivered by email and are valid for one year.

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As you can see above, we stock a wide variety of refreshing craft gins, all made lovingly in our beautiful distillery, located just a stone’s throw from Aviemore,  

Our Scottish craft gin captures the essence of its rich surroundings, drawing inspiration from the surrounding landscape and the stunning Cairngorms. With a meticulous blend of age-old spirit-production techniques and contemporary artistry, we ensure every bottle of Kinrara Gin is a masterpiece.  

With sophisticated blends, bold flavours and artistic designs, our gins go against the grain and stand out amongst the norms. 

So, whether you’re wondering where to buy gin in Scotland or seeking the finest online gin money can buy, Kinrara Distillery is your answer. To buy, please visit our distillery in person, join us for a unique gin tasting experience or simply purchase your bottle online today via our online gin shop. The choice is yours! 

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